Loving the Job You Never Thought You’d Have

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Laurice Yanar describes what she is doing now that she has graduated from St. Mary’s University and how she is in a field completely different from what she expected. Yanar helps us understand how she uses the skills she was taught to be part of a work-force that is unfamiliar to her.

http://www.stmumedia.com/2015/slideshows/ yanar-day-in-life/index.html

An Overview of an Interview

This project taught me how to use final cut pro and how to convert audio files. I have never worked with audio editing before and thanks to this project I now know how to cut and fix audio.


If I did this project over again I would make sure I had more questions prepared. I would also spend some time talking to my interviewee a bit more before. Let them know what type of questions I was going to ask and what kind of answers I was expecting. I had a lot of “I don’t knows” and short answers. It was hard to get good quotes from those answers because they were either too short or cut by “ums” and long pauses in a sentence.


That was the most challenging part of this project. Getting my interviewee to give me good quotes and to get excited about her answers. Also, getting her to speak up a bit. I tried to get the most exciting quotes that I got at the end after she got a bit more comfortable talking to me.


In total it took me about 4-5 hours to complete this project from start to finish.